Conquer Winter in Your Audi

Fall is now upon us, but once those leaves start turning colour, there’s no telling when the first signs of snow may hit. Canadians are accustomed to unpredictable climates, and even though winter doesn’t officially start until late December, snow is no stranger to Ontario (even as early as October!). It’s important to make sure your Audi is ready to tackle any road conditions, including those brought on by snow, sleet, ice, and salt, and this starts with the installation of winter tires. Unlike summer or all-season tires, winter tires are designed with a more flexible rubber compound that is less likely to freeze up and stiffen in colder temperatures and have more complex treads to keep you cruising.

Why Do I Need Winter Tires?

Contrary to popular belief, summer tires will not get you through a Canadian winter, and neither will all-season tires, despite what their name suggests. All-season tires were designed to handle many seasonal conditions, but not extreme cases of cold or black ice, which is an all-too-common occurrence on busy highways. Regular tires do not provide sufficient traction in the winter time because their grooves and the thickness of the rubber are no match for road conditions. Summer tires are thinner and equipped to deal with humidity and wet conditions, as opposed to thicker winter tires which handle icy weather conditions. Winter tires outperform all other types of tires during all winter conditions, including dry surfaces, once temperatures drop below 6°C – not just once it snows. Where else will you encounter intense winter roads than in Ontario, Canada?

Canadian insurance companies see the value in winter tires; most auto insurance providers now offer significant discounts to drivers who install winter tires! Aside from you and your mom, nobody wants to keep you accident-free more than your insurance provider. Winter tires make a huge difference – just keep the receipt, keep your family safe, and save some cash for your next trip to Tim’s!

Stay Safe This Winter

Audi is known for its world-class Quattro technology – which is Audi’s signature all-wheel drive (AWD) technology pioneered in the 80’s for rally competitions. To put it simply, Audi’s Quattro technology splits torque for you, according to driving conditions, to keep you safe. Audi Germany calls it “permanent all-wheel drive”. Your first step to winter safety is Audi’s Quattro technology.

Now that you’re set with the most cutting edge AWD system out there, it’s time to think below the belt, below the seat, and on the ground: winter tires. Your Quattro system is going to give you the best control out there, and you need the traction to match. Finding the right winter tires can be tricky, and our trained experts would be happy to help you find the right ones of your specific Audi or any other vehicle out there. Once you’ve got some super-safe tires, our team of expert technicians is trained to install your tires according to manufacturer specifications. Your Audi performs best with the tires recommended by the manufacturer, installed by Audi technicians, and will operate to its fullest potential when all parts align. Your safety is worth it.

Busting Myths About All-Season Tires

Despite the facts, many drivers insist on keeping all-season tires on their Audis year round. With that in mind, a study conducted by Tire Rack, the differences between winter tire and all-season tire performance are astounding. In a traction test, a car equipped with winter tires took eight seconds (or 27.3% less time) to reach a distance of 60 metres, compared to 11 seconds for a car equipped with all-season tires. Now, visualize yourself out on a snowy road and you have to slam to a stop. If you have winter tires, you’ll brake much faster than a car equipped with all-season tires. In a cornering comparison where both cars and SUVs had to make a 90-degree turn at 40 km/h, only the vehicles equipped with winter tires were able to complete the turn safely. It was also noted that only cars with all 4 winter tires installed could cut through thick snow and slush – installing just two tires was not enough. Visit Crosby Audi Kitchener-Waterloo to have four winter tires installed by our expert technicians, and leave your summer ones with us (we offer storage) until it’s time to take your Audi to the beach!
Are you and your Audi ready for winter? Book your next service appointment with Audi Kitchener-Waterloo to get the right winter tires installed before the snow hits. While you’re here, make sure you ask about Audi’s Winter Accessories to keep you feeling comfortable for those cold winter days and nights, while keeping your car looking fresh and clean. Stay safe out there, and call us today at 1-(844)566-2406 with any questions or comments!

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