Imagine a smarter, more secure Audi.

New to a select group of 2017 models, Audi Connect promotes a suite of driver assistance programs, entertainment, state-of-the-art security features, and navigation tools to keep you in the know. Today’s drivers are always on the go and often multitasking. Now, you can stay connected to those who matter the most, while never taking your eyes off the road.

What Is Audi Connect?

Audi Connect is a smartphone interface that is compatible with Android and Apple devices. With your smartphone acting as the catalyst, you can send texts, make phone calls, and respond to incoming messages using hands-free voice-recognition technology, so that you never have to take your hands off of the wheel. Using an embedded SIM, Audi Connect gathers vehicle diagnostic information and customizes your driving and security systems as it sees fit. To activate Audi Connect, simply equip your vehicle with the Audi Connect option ‘Audi Connect – Assistance and Security Services. From there, you can manage your services by signing up in the MyAudi customer portal.

Get Where You Need To Go

Why take the same road as everybody else, when you can enjoy customized routes instead? The Audi Connect MMI app lets you access the clearest, most direct routes to your destination, whether it’s home, work or someplace else. Three smart technologies have been developed specially for Audi Connect.

The Geofencing Alert exposes any obstructions in your path, and lets you know when and if your Audi is approaching the boundaries of any given area. If your Audi enters or leaves a defined area, you will receive a warning message via email or text message, without the recognition of the driver. The set-up process is simple and gives you the opportunity to choose up to 10 custom geofences. Speed Alert was designed to supervise the speeds of your Audi to alert you to other driver’s speeds around you. Speed Alert lets you save up to 5 driving limits which is perfect for highway or residential routes. The Valet Alert uses the Geofence and Speed Alert services to provide drivers with warnings (via email or text message) in case of their vehicle leaves or enters a defined area and/or transgression of set speed limits. Combining all three navigation technologies, Audi Connect gets you where you need to go, safely and confidently.

Always At Your Side

When you’re always connected, there’s no room for emergencies. Audi Connect grants Audi drivers the peace of mind they deserve out on the road. Unique safety features like Audi Emergency Call and Audi Online Roadside Assistance provide 24/7 support should you find yourself in a compromising situation.If an airbag deploys during a collision, Audi Emergency Call immediately connects you to an emergency call centre using a voice-activated link. All relevant data such as vehicle location, last direction of travel and number of passengers is transmitted. Audi drivers also have the option to activate a manual emergency call via the SOS button. If your Audi breaks down, there’s no need to panic. Audi Online Roadside Assistance collects roadside-related data, like your GPS location, and forwards it to the Audi roadside assistance centre. Simply press the roadside button found within the roof module. With incredible features like these, you’ll avoid frustrating and confusing situations and cut down on the time spent with emergency service providers.
Audi Connect is currently available in the 2017 Audi A4, 2017 A4 all-road, and 2017 Q7; however, it will be available in several more models in early 2017.

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