2018 Audi A4 All-road drive assistance

Beyond good looks and great performance, safety should be the main concern for any automotive manufacturer. Audi wants to ensure you and your passengers arrive home safe each and every day. For the 2018 model year, Audi is offering the Advanced Driver Assist Package on many of its models; this suite of advanced features are designed to work together to provide you with the safest drive possible.

Here are a few of the key features that make the Advanced Driver Assist Package so important:

Audi Active Lane Assist

Everyone has drifted into another lane at one time or another. This can be an honest mistake with dire consequences if you’re not paying attention. Active Lane Assist prompts the driver if it detects your Audi inadvertently departing your lane. This feature uses a front-facing camera to detect lane markings and other obstacles up to 50 metres away.  

Audi Pre Sense City

Consider this feature an extra set of eyes to help you keep track of everything going on around you while driving. Pre Sense City scans the road for other vehicles and pedestrians using a camera with a range of up to 100 metres. If the system detects a potential collision, it will notify the driver and, if need be, apply the brakes to avoid an accident.

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control (w/ Stop & Go)

Driver fatigue is a serious issue and that’s especially prevalent on long trips. Adaptive Cruise Control helps the driver on those extended road trips, or in stop-and-go traffic. This feature allows your Audi to follow the vehicle in front of you at a safe distance (you can choose from five pre-selected distances). The system will even work in tedious traffic jams where you’re only moving a few feet at a time.

Audi’s Advanced Driver Assist Package is available on 2018 A4, A5, S4, S5, Q5, and Q7 with more models to come. Experience this impressive package of safety features for yourself,  book a test drive and find out if a 2018 Audi is the safe, stylish, high-performing vehicle you’ve been looking for.