Audi Sport

Born on the track. Built for the road.

We believe the spirit of racing was never meant to be confined to the track. It deserves to be unleashed. Audi Sport is the culmination of our high expectations, commitment to innovation, and passion for motorsport. We go beyond, striving for excellence and driven to achieve perfection. From the powerful TFSI engines, unique suspension tuning and sporty styling Audi Sport pushes every limit. Every vehicle is infused with authentic racing spirit; we test our vehicles on the racetrack to ensure optimal performance on the road. Audi Sport doesn’t just set the bar, it completely and consistently reinvents it.

Welcome to the #LeagueofPerformance

Take the wheel

Tired of backseat drivers? Silence them with an Audi Sport vehicle.

Our Audi Sport Team.

Certified professionals are available to answer your queries. These team members have complete extensive training to earn the Audi Sports certification. Enthusiasts to the core these dedicated professionals have embraced the tradition of the rhombus.

Martin Viana

Brand specialist

Morgan Catton

Service Manager

E-tron GT Concept.

Inspiration dawn from the wind tunnel

Live Audi Sport

Audi Driving Experience

With multiple events happening in winter, spring and fall now is your chance to experience an Audi on the edge. Featuring a closed course and the latest cars, all that is missing is the driver.

For those discerning tastes

Audi Sport is more than a brand – it’s a lifestyle. All Audi Sport accessory products are carefully cultivated to meet the high level of expectation and style demanded by Audi drivers.

Audi Sport premium service

Not only are our cars top performers, our service staff are too. Our highly qualified technicians will ensure your Audi Sport vehicle is always ready for the road or the track.